Aerosoft Fly


  • TV Commercials / Prints
  • Video Clip on YouTube (Pre-Roll)
  • OOH (Billboard/Bus Back)
  • Launching Event


Aerosoft, a veteran brand in the sandal market, wanted to reach a younger target group aged between 18 -29 years old. Research found that the brand loyalty users lay among the older generations due to comfort and lightness but the brand was rejected by the young generation due to conservative designs and lack of communication. Therefore, the brand created a new product line of affordable, comfy and light, lifestyle casual shoes for the younger target.



In order to build an awareness for the new line, and create a new trendy image for Aerosoft, a new catchy name for the new line “Aerosoft Fly” was created with a new logo reflecting the concept of light and comfort wear. A communication campaign using a young idol – Mario Maurer – to capture interest of the young target audience was launched.



-  Total Advertising Awareness reached 78%

- Aerosoft ranked top 5 among casual shoe brand recalled by young target audience.

-  Motivation to buy among the young target aged between 18-29 reached 94% one month after the launching (Campaign Evaluation, December 2015)

- The monthly average sale has gone up 5 times higher than previously, and this sale increase continues until today.







PAO Silver Nano


  • TV Commercials / Prints
  • Video Clip on YouTube (TrueView with Sampling CTA)
  • Google SEO / GDN / Facebook  Influencers
  • Radio / In-Store /  Product Placement
  • Road Show Event
  • CSR Activities (“We are Sharer”)



The highly competitive powder detergent market 10 2014-15 saw shifts in brand positioning highlighting the product’s hygienic benefits in eliminating bacteria and reducing musty odor.



To underline its pioneering claim as the most effective detergent brand in eliminating bacteria and reducing musty odor, Pao Silver Nano launched a 360 degree campaign centering on a concept “The Real Bacteria Eliminator”. This campaign also included “We are Sharer” CSR Facebook brand activities promoting engagement that resulted in donation of sporting gears to underprivileged kids.


Results :

- Total Advertising Awareness reached 95% among target audience.

- The campaign achieved 8.19 scores out of 10 on credibility in eliminating bacteria and reducing musty odor.

- Total brand market share has increased to 13% in comparison to the period before the campaign launch. (Ac Nielsen, Dec 2015)









  • TV Commercials / Prints
  • Video Clip on YouTube (Pre-Roll with Sampling CTA)
  • GDN / Facebook Activities
  • Radio / In-Train BTS



Over the last few years Salz Fresh toothpaste has gained a lot of popularity and new users from among new generation users due to mild taste and freshness. Salz Fresh needed to maintain its market share amidst the highly competitive market environment dominated by big international brands.



Salz Fresh launched a new campaign highlighting importance of young generations to take a precaution and care for their bad breath problem as it signals the beginning of long-term gum disease. Theme concept : Start Salz, Stop Bad Breath was introduced endorsed by two top presenters representing the Generation M and Generation Y – March and Put respectively. Micro-media strategy was also employed to ensure that both Gen M and Gen Y were well-reached.



- Total Advertising Awareness reached  91.5% among the target audience.

- Salz Fresh brand ranked first in brand recall for salt toothpaste among the young generation users.

- Facebook  activities increased website visits by browsers aged between 15-34.

- The total brand portfolio sales volume increased  14% (AC Nielsen, Oct 2015)











SALZ Gum Care



  • TV Commercials
  • Video Clip on YouTube (Pre-Roll with Sampling CTA)
  • GDN / Facebook
  • Microsite




Salz Intensive Gum Care toothpaste was introduced into the Thai market in 2013 in the category of therapeutic toothpaste whose target group is older than 30 who has started to have gum problems. The brand was successful after the launch with consistent sales growth. However, there were no follow-up campaign in 2014 to the beginning of 2015, and the sales declined as a consequence. Therefore, the new marketing objective was set in the second quarter of 2015 that the sales values must increase by 15% at the end of the year.



A quantitative research survey among brand current users was suggested to gauge the product satisfaction and room for improvement. The results showed that among 100 users who have relapsed gum problems, 89 of them had high satisfaction using the products and felt that their gum health improved within 10 days after using the toothpaste. This satisfactory evidence was crucial to the concept developed into a new campaign. The advertising message of “Real and Fast Intensive Care” was carried through in TVC using testimonials.



- Total Advertising Awareness has increased to 85% among the target audience.

- The sales volume of the month after launching has gone up to 78% comparing to the same month of previous year.

 -The total sales value has reached an unexpected level of 22%, which was higher than the 15% goal.